• I’m thrilled to present the first track from the Norken + Deer album Micro Don Juan. Microcosm.


    You can buy Micro Don Juan on CD and Vinyl directly from Hydrogen Dukebox now: http://hydrogen.greedbag.com/buy/micro-don-juan/

    Wide and digital release date is September 3.

  • just jamming on the small PA with lotte. lots of midi, straight 2 track recording, no edits, no laptops.

    lotte aka dr. cut-up: octatrack, vermona drm-1, nord modular g2 engine, x0xbox, electribe esx-1
    deer aka melodieatze: machinedrum uw, nord modular g2, prophet 08 desktop

  • My first release as “Deer” after switching from my unwieldy earlier “random noise productions”. originally appeared on the netlabel Ekwal in 2006. Mastered by John McCaig @ Panicstudios. track 4 re-released on 12” by Giegling Schallplatten.

    Download enabled!

  • Deer - Shortlisted Orchid (live at Node Festival) (by deertronix)

  • Remix and wierd electro-Folk cover version rolled into one. Original track by Estroe featuring Miss Kittin. Vocals and guitar by Christian Rottler, production by Deer. Released on Connaisseur Recordings CNS032 and on the BBQ Techno compilation.

  • Mastered at d+m, released on Giegling Records, distributed by Clone.

  • Lovingly crafted handmade sleeves make this a really special release. Includes Projectionist’s Nightmare, Nightmare Tool, Shortlisted Orchid and a sweet remix of Shortlisted Orchid by Benjamin Brunn. Get Giegling 05 at http://clone.nl/item17150.html

  • B1 from my 12” on Giegling Records. Available now at fine record stores like hardwax, fatplastics, smallville and clone.

  • Just a quick beat that “happened” while digging for some samples.

  • featured on the Shoot the Sun 12” out on Laut+Luise. Featuring remixes by Dwig und Dürerstuben

    buy the vinyl: http://decks.de/t/norken_deer-shoot_the_sun/bz7-t3

    also available on the Norken + Deer album “Micro Don Juan” - get it here: http://hydrogen.greedbag.com/norken-and-deer/